Decile Start

Decile Start is concierge support to help new managers complete the day-to-day tasks of launching an enduring venture capital firm.

Decile Start

Decile Start is a specialized support system optimized to fast track admissions into Decile Launch by increasing fundraising velocity during the VC Lab accelerator. 

Decile Start provides an on-call venture associate and a team of experts to increasing fundraising velocity during the VC Lab accelerator. Top-performing teams pay a flat rate to receive concierge hands-on support with building and enriching LP target lists, optimize fundraising communications, reduces critical mistakes, and help navigate LP objections to reach stronger closings faster. 

The Offering

Concierge Support

The Decile Partners team provides concierge hands-on support with building and enriching target lists with ideal LP archetypes, reviews and optimizes fundraising communications, reduces fundraising mistakes, and helps navigate LP objections. Every firm has an on-call Venture Associate to assist with questions or issues, and there is a team to help with specific questions, issues or opportunities as needed.

LP Outreach Optimization

Member firms received specialized advice and recommendations for ideal LP archetypes, LP communication reviews and provides pitch role playing to reduce time to close while maximizing you return on investment per unit of time spent fundraising. The experts help with optimizing pitch quality, limited partner outreach, closing investors and securing commitments.

Dedicated Slack Channel

Each member firm has a private Slack channel with their Venture Associate, experts, and key Decile Partners team members to address questions quickly, including sensitive or confidential matters. Ask any question at any time and have it addressed quickly, including sensitive or confidential matters around LP objections, pitching and closing.

Interested in Decile Start?

This program is only available by application to VC Lab participants. Acceptance is reserved for the top decile performers.


“I have been through the Decile Start program, and as a first-time fund manager it has been foundational for me in building-out the fund. It also enabled me to respond fast to the LP questions. I would highly recommend you consider joining, if invited.”

Adil JafryLinkedIn

“I did Decile Start and highly recommend it. We also work with VC Lab for Decile Launch. I would literally have been lost trying to close without Mike, Adeo, etc. Also, I really need a lot of support because raising the fund and closing wasn’t my full-time job, so it’s been a lifesaver!”

Genevieve LeMarchalLinkedIn

“I did the Decile Start program, and it definitely accelerated my learning. It was so valuable that I also signed up for Decile Launch to ensure I could receive the level of support I needed to succeed as a new fund manager. The entire team pushed, guided, and inspired me, so I was able to do a first close at the end of the year as well. I consider the VC Lab team an integral part of my fund family.”

Nardo ManalotoLinkedIn

The Pricing

Decile Start has a $1,000 USD/Month subscription payable upon signing which is credited to the Decile Launch retainer of $5,000.

The Benefits

  1. Fast track to Decile Launch
  2. Maximize ROI per unit of time spent fundraising
  3. Minimize LP outreach and targeting mistakes
  4. LP target list enrichment
  5. Faster and stronger closings

Totally recommended. $5k is nothing if it helps you raise a few million.”

Ihar Mahaniok, Geek Ventures