Decile Capital

Decile Capital offers a family of funds to back new managers worldwide.

Decile Capital

Decile Capital offers a family of funds to back new managers worldwide.

Decile Capital presents Premier I, the flagship fund of funds dedicated to backing the top 5% of managers emerging from the VC Lab accelerator.

Decile Capital funds new managers worldwide

Why New Managers?

  • Eager to succeed for a strong industry entry
  • Untapped demand from successful past careers
  • Attractive deal warehouse opportunities
  • Relevant and fresh domain expertise
  • Enthusiasm for venture capital and investing
  • Proven to generate outsized returns

Want Decile Capital backing?

To be considered for investment, managers must complete the free VC Lab accelerator and be selected to work with Decile Partners.

Introducing Premier I

Premier I by Decile Capital is specifically designed to invest in the most promising new managers launched by VC Lab, the leading venture capital accelerator worldwide. VC Lab has accelerated 350 VC firms to date from over 10,000 candidates, and Premier I focuses on the elite 5% who demonstrate the potential to drive significant positive impact and returns.

The Premier I Portfolio

Premier I has backed seven of the 20 target funds for the final portfolio, and the goal is to complete the remaining investments by early 2024.

LATAM Impact

A seed-stage fund focused on social impact startups in Latin America, steered by an established LATAM Angel Group Leader and with a unicorn in the portfolio.

Consumer Social Good

A multi-stage fund led by an influential social media figure and an experienced VC, targeting socially responsible consumer startups and partnering with top venture capital firms.

Immigrant Founders

A $20MM pre-seed fund managed by a well connected AI engineer who was also a prolific angel investor, specializing in SaaS companies from Eastern Europe with strong ethics.

Mexican Emerging Tech

A $5MM seed-stage fund investing in emerging technology startups in Latin America, managed by a seasoned angel investor who also hosts a popular podcast in the region.

Longevity, Deep Tech & AI

A $25MM seed fund led by a Stanford professor with a top track record as an angel investor, specializing in longevity, deep tech, and artificial intelligence sectors.

India Fintech and SaaS

A pre-seed fund focusing on fintech and SaaS startups expanding out of India, managed by a VC with over 65 investments as subject matter expert.

Coming Soon

A profile of our newest portfolio fund is coming soon.

In order to respect the fundraising process and maintain confidentiality, the specific names of these funds have been withheld.

Decile Capital Advantage

Decile Capital offers numerous benefits to our portfolio funds and limited partners, ensuring they receive the support and resources needed for top Decile performance:

  • Regular meetings with managers
    Our team holds frequent meetings with fund managers to assist with any day-to-day operational needs and provide guidance.
  • Access to top venture experts
    We have a large team of leading experts in the venture capital industry on call to help with any challenges and offer insights.
  • Free industry-leading tools
    Decile Capital provides access to top-notch tools for managing back-office tasks and communicating effectively with limited partners.
  • Comprehensive playbooks
    Our collection of over 50 playbooks, complete with weekly deliverables, helps fund managers accomplish any objective for their firm or fund.
  • Public and private events
    We host regular events that focus on mastering the art of venture capital, executing deals, and building a world-class VC firm.
  • Networking opportunities
    Decile Capital fosters connections between portfolio funds, limited partners, and other industry professionals, enabling valuable networking opportunities.
  • Access to exclusive deals
    Our portfolio funds and limited partners gain access to exclusive investment opportunities within the Decile Capital network.

Turning venture capital into a force for good in the world

Our Vision

Decile Capital is steadfast in its commitment to supporting ethical and game-changing funds that drive both societal good and exceptional returns for our limited partners. By investing in innovative and responsible fund managers who adhere to the principles outlined in the Mensarius Oath, we foster a future where capital is allocated conscientiously, empowering transformative ideas and solutions.

The Mensarius Oath serves as a guiding light in our pursuit of positive outcomes for all stakeholders, emphasizing our dedication to upholding the highest standards of fairness, transparency, and professionalism in the industry. As we collaborate with funds that embody these values, we work collectively towards reducing inequality, increasing fairness in society, and generating meaningful impact.

Together with our portfolio funds and limited partners, Decile Capital aims to contribute positively to the world by championing ethical investment practices and backing funds that not only drive financial performance but also significantly improve the lives of people and the world at large.